Fire & flames and the sex appeal of over a thousand Cleopatras! Supported by DJ duo, GTA, Rihanna did not disappoint her audience in Birmingham last night, as the songstress and infamous party animal raised the roof of the LG arena. Unveiled behind two falling black curtains, Rihanna’s dramatic entrance had the audience rise to their […]

Racially attacked and stereotyped; two generations give their views and experiences of growing up in Britain as an ethnic minority. Barrack Obama‘s presidency in America was a major milestone in the equal rights battle, and highlights great social developments.  But recent incidences, such as EDL riots and attacks on Mosques, seem to indicate a step […]

Stigma, secrets and separation: the truth about life as a young carer. It was about 3am on a school night and I had woken from a nightmare. Like most 12 year old’s, I ran to the comfort of my mother. She took me over to the window and looked outside; I assumed this was to […]

It’s essay season and of course I have left everything until the very last minute. My sudden interest in writing this blog entry is solely to avoid said essays and still feel as though I am doing something remotely productive – so here goes! Students get quite a bad rep. for being lazy and, though […]

Home-care assistant Samantha Ledger, 27, on the self sacrifice of British carers.  My alarm sounds at 7, but I’m usually awake before it goes off. I find I quickly fall into a routine when doing home-care, as I stay with my client in her home. I get washed, dressed, have a cup of tea and […]

The lead actress could barely read – the supporting actor was spotted in a bakery, never having acted before. These statements hardly raise high expectations, yet independent film maker Benh Zeitlin’s low budget, fantasy drama Beasts of the Southern Wild finds itself among this years greatest blockbusters, nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director […]