I Dub Thee Dame Katie Price

As a student, how I view Royal honours is not too dissimilar to the way in which I view degrees; they are both desirable, they invoke a sense of pride and achievement and yet everyone seems to have one.

Andy Murray received a royal honour this week and it was met with some criticism. During an interview with The Mirror, Football legend Jimmy Greaves said: ‘knighthoods for sportsmen should be sacred – not handed out every five minutes’.

Greaves also alluded to a David Cameron speech, during which the Prime Minister suggests that the Scottish sportsman should receive a knighthood. In response, Greaves stated: ‘Prime Minister David Cameron really ought to concentrate on sorting out the economy rather than making such crowd-pleasing soundbites’.

Other sportsmen and women to have received royal honours include Dame Kelly Holmes, Sir Bobby Charlton and  Sir Matt Busby. Sir Matt Busby received his knighthood for his efforts in guiding Manchester United football club to the European Cup title.

There is no doubt that these individuals are some of the best in their field of sport, but where should the line be drawn?

David Beckham has already received an OBE, should a knighthood follow? How about John Terry? He is Chelsea’s most successful team captain and is the club’s highest scoring defender of all-time.

However, royal honours are not just awarded to great sports personalities. An example of a knighthood outside of the field of sport is Sir Alan Sugar, who was knighted in the year 2000, for his services to business.

Sir Alan Sugar has an estimated net worth of £800 million, was ranked 92 in the Sunday Times rich list 2012 and appears in popular BBC television series The Apprentice.

But what about Katie Price? I can hear you laughing, but seriously, why not?

Katie Price has an estimated net worth of around £45 million. Like Sir Alan, she is also involved in a popular television series. She boasts a great business empire, including a range of perfumes, equestrian riding gear, lingerie clothing range and hair products.

Price has been awarded both Mum of the Year and Woman of the Year. She also currently writes a column for OK! magazine and has published several best-sellers.

Granted she takes her clothes off quite a bit – but she is awfully good at it. Some might even say that she is one of the best in the modeling field…


Knighthood for Katie Price! #Sarcasm


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