…But I’ve always been a student!

From nursery, to primary school, upper school, college then university: being a student has always been at the core of my identity. But as the end of my student life draws nearer, I’m left wondering: ‘what now?’.

It’s quite scary, and here, in no particular order, is why:

  • Being taxed. The government is going to take some of my wages and then, of what little is left, charge me council tax! I despise council tax!
  • Having a career. Not just a part-time, light-heart job – a career. No more hungover sickies!
  • Responsibility. criticism for getting drunk on weekdays and no longer being able to use the excuse: ‘I’m a student’.
  • Getting out of bed before midday. ‘students are lazy – I’m a student’  arghhhhh!
  • Cooking. No more living off of take-away, if not for health reasons, but for the following crucial point…
  • NO STUDENT LOANAbsolutely terrifying. But what’s worse…

One solution would be to stay a student, get a degree in something else. Great. Except, thanks to Mr. Cameron, that’ll cost me nine grand now.

Guess it’s time to be an adult, like, a proper one…


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