Exotic Blood Sport

A British company offers clients the opportunity to kill unsuspecting animals around the world.

The Hunting Agency (http://www.thehuntingagency.co.uk/home) specialises in ‘trophy hunting‘, where the animals are killed purely for entertainment.

The website boasts about it’s ethics and ‘sustainable hunting‘, however photographs show proud hunters with a variety of species of animals, some of which are vulnerable or endangered, such as the Cheetah and African Lion.

However, regardless of whether these animals are endangered, all animals should be protected from being killed for pleasure. It is completely unethical to breed animals, simply to become our prey or a trophy head to display in our homes.

Here are some images taken from the Trophy Gallery:



Spread the word and stop this unjust killing of our wildlife!


One comment

  1. I don’t like what they are doing, but I like your awareness 🙂

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