Rihanna: Diamonds World Tour Review.

Fire & flames and the sex appeal of over a thousand Cleopatras!

Supported by DJ duo, GTA, Rihanna did not disappoint her audience in Birmingham last night, as the songstress and infamous party animal raised the roof of the LG arena.

Unveiled behind two falling black curtains, Rihanna’s dramatic entrance had the audience rise to their feet, and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Rihanna begins the concert on her knees, displaying her vocal abilities with a more somber song, Mother Mary. She then disappears from the stage once again, as it is transformed before the audience’s eyes into an Egyptian palace; large screens are risen above the stage that display Egyptian themed images and large pillars are revealed from behind them.

Rihanna then re-emerges, rising from under the stage singing, Phresh off the runway. Rihanna’s other talents are also revealed; wearing knee high black boots, black high-waisted hot pants and a black leather bra, the audience is reminded of her sexual nature.

There were a few costume changes during the course of the concert, my personal favourite being an elegant red two-piece. Rihanna wears a red crop top and skirt with a long slit down one side, as she teases with her mic stand whilst standing on a rotating stage, singing   Loveeeeeee Song.

As well as her newest hits from her album Unapologetic, such as Diamonds, Stay and Jump, she also included some tracks that helped to catapult her to the fame and fortune, including Umbrella, Hate That I Love You (feat. Neyo) and Take a Bow.

Although I assume this goes without saying, the content of the show is of quite a sexual nature and there is some language used that may be deemed inappropriate for children – although the 7 year old super fan that was seated next to me seemed blissfully unawares and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

I would personally recommend this concert to all Rihanna fans, and also those simply in need of a night full of good live music and dancing!

Picture 001


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