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As a student, how I view Royal honours is not too dissimilar to the way in which I view degrees; they are both desirable, they invoke a sense of pride and achievement and yet everyone seems to have one. Andy Murray received a royal honour this week and it was met with some criticism. During […]

From nursery, to primary school, upper school, college then university: being a student has always been at the core of my identity. But as the end of my student life draws nearer, I’m left wondering: ‘what now?’. It’s quite scary, and here, in no particular order, is why: Being taxed. The government is going to take some […]

 A 52 year old man from north London was arrested after using ‘racist language’ on a train, sparking freedom of speech debate. It had been a long time since I heard the phrase: ‘It’s political correctness gone mad!’; I thought The Daily Mail had rinsed that line of all it’s supposed worth. But after another […]

A British company offers clients the opportunity to kill unsuspecting animals around the world. The Hunting Agency ( specialises in ‘trophy hunting‘, where the animals are killed purely for entertainment. The website boasts about it’s ethics and ‘sustainable hunting‘, however photographs show proud hunters with a variety of species of animals, some of which are […]

A study reveals that over a quarter of Britons believe that a woman deserves to be raped if she is wearing ‘sexy’ or revealing clothing.  ICM conducted telephone interviews across the country, which involved 1,095 people, aged 18 and above. According to the study, 30% of participants also believed that a woman is responsible for […]

At just 20 years old, this American blonde bombshell has already taken social media by storm!  Like many other ambitious youngsters, eager to achieve their dreams of becoming a popstar, Tori began posting videos of her singing on YouTube in the hopes of being spotted. Since the dramatic rise in fame of Justin Bieber, who […]